Wednesday, 29 September 2010

SS Concentrationcamp Vught Netherlands.

SS - Concentrationcamp

During the Second World War, the German SS had one concentrationcamp outside Germany under direct supervision from the ss headquarter in Oranienburg.

The Concentrationcamp Vught.

The Germans called it :
Konzentrationslager Herzogenbusch.

Guard tower with double electrified fense.
In januari 1943 the first prisoners came and were ordered to do construction work to finish the buildings and fenses from the camp.
The bad conditions, lack of food and proper clothing and torture from the sadistic guards hundreds of the new prisoners died.

Inside a reconstructed barack, at the end
the primitive sleeping facilities.

With 2 persons in one "bed", in overcrowded
barack without proper heating.
In the period jan. 1943 and sept. 1944 a total of 31.000 people lived in this camp. With 12.000 Jew's there are also arrested members of the resistance ,gipsy's, homosexuals, etc.

421 children, women, men died in the camp.
329 prisoners were executed outside the camp.
On 6 and 7 june 1943 a total of 1269 jewish
children with one of their parents were
transported to deadcamps.
They died in the gas chambers in Sobibor Poland.

The monument for the children on transport to the gas chambers.

For burning the dead body's in the camp.

Outside the oven, where the ash was dumped.

Meeting and interview with Holocaust survivors.
Very impressive to meet and talk with them.

Let us never forget what happened here.
In remembrance of the victims
and with deep respect
for the survivors.

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